Time runs out for Gilbert

Cobblers manager Ian Sampson finally ran out of patience with the left-back, claiming he agreed fresh terms back in May but has also been holding out for an offer from elsewhere.

A furious Sampson said: "We have been misled time and time again with excuses ranging from illness to blaming his agent and various other things.

"He is now holding out for another club and so we have taken his contract away. He cannot chase a deal with another club while having our contract as a back-up.

"I am not allowing him to do that to me, the club or the supporters and I feel very let down. He has gone back on his word. He reported for pre-season training last week but still did not bring the paperwork so I set him a further deadline which he failed to meet.

"We gave him an opportunity last season when he was out of work. We took him off the scrap heap, we put him up and did everything he asked of us and we helped him get his career going again but we have been repaid by him jumping ship at the first opportunity despite agreeing terms with us."

Source: PA

Source: PA